School History

A Teneris Impende Laborem : A Latin Phrase, which means : Apply yourself to hard work from an early age.

Three White Bees: Symbols of Continuous hard work and being busy always. The fruit of such labour is sweet.

IHS written in the centre of the Sun:

I : stands for lesu (Jesus)
H : Hominum (Mankind)
S : Salvator (Saviour)

JESUS, The Saviour of Mankind

This is the symbol of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) established by St. Ignatius of Loyola Moon : Another Symbol of the Society of Jesus.

Father Joachim Vilallonga S. J.

The founder of St. Xavier's School, Ahmedabad was Father Joachim Vilallonga S. J. In 1934 the foundation stone was laid at St. Xavier's High School, Mirzapur. The foundation stone of St. Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall was laid by Reverend Father Fernando Arellano S. J. in the 45th centenary year of St. Ignatius Loyola on 3.12.1956.

Lover of children: He would burn the midnight oil, reading books on child psychology just to make himself a more 'Fatherly' Jesuit. It is rightly said " The child is the father of man."

A Lover of Arts: He designed Loyola (Primary), making it a unique school in the city. It is spacious, airy and above all has a wonderful small museum, with unique collections of valuable curious information and study. Thanks to Fr. Zavala for the mini museum and the mini zoo - ' A children's Paradise...Regained', every year.

Educator of the highest quality: He brought the world to our doorsteps with Geography from Dulley Stamps.

Handle with care... the most important limb of our school - the library, the very source of extra reading and knowledge - a habit cultivated with great care and dedication. He nurtured the library like a child.

From the early days at Xavier's, sports was his priority. It is impossible to measure the effect of his guidance and training on generations of Xavierites, who were privileged to have had him as their Sports and Scout Master. He built up their bodies and moulded their character through the hard school of success and failure, in the virtue of true sportsmanship. Today, we are also grateful to him for the greenery in the school. Neem trees are the filtering lungs at Loyola giving us unpolluted oxygen, cool-shade of the trees with cool-breeze make the environment pleasant during the warm days throughout the year.

Recipient of the Eklavya Life Time Achievement Award 1998, pioneer of the Odyssey and actor and play-director par excellence. Syllabus and academic structures did not confine him; his classes are doused with humour, imparting education to the third generation. He always welcomed 'his flock of sheep'- 'Xavierites' in the morning Assembly with a very 'Good Morning Loving Smile for all.' Fr. Morondo- we all love you very much, Thank you being there always supporting and encouraging.

Pioneer, Founder and Director of St. Xavier's Social Service Society. He was an advocate of justice and a champion defender of the downtrodden. He spent his life in the service of the poor and needy. Truly, a Xavierite Jesuit

“A Man for Others”.

Director of Sports, Principal of the Primary School. A visionary who has brought Br. bou's dreams to fruition with the Sports complex and excellent flora. Creator of Plaza De Loyola.

Sports Master Disciplinarian par Excellence. One of the 'Iron Men of Xavier's

Fr.X.Amalraj, S.J.

2020 - At Present

Fr.Chales, S.J.

- -

Fr.F.Durai, S.J.

1998 -

Fr.J.Sequiera, S.J.


Fr.O.Coutinho, S.J.


Fr.E.Condillac, S.J.


Fr.J.M.Ortega, S.J.






Fr.C.Gomes, S.J.


Fr.J. Myers, S.J.


Fr.J. Sallas,S.J.


Fr.V.Gimenez, S.J.


Fr. E. Zurbitu, S.J.


Mrs. Laxmi Iyer

2016 - At Present

Mrs. Ingrid de Rozario

2005 - 2016

Fr.Charlie Dias, S.J.


Two Jesuit stalwarts, Br. A Joseph, S.J. and Br. F. Aizpurua, S.J. Jesuit brothers who were noted for their obedience, hard-work, simplicity and dedication.They worked silently without expectation of any reward. Br. Joseph managed all the electrical and mechanical work in the school campus and Br. Aizpurua looked after the buses which was the main transport for the students in the early years of St. Xavier's High School.

Br. Joseph completed his journey on his earth before he slept his eternal sleep in the late eighties.